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Prestigious business address in Miami, Florida U.S.
There is no need to use your home address or foreign address anymore! Use our professional business address on your official correspondence and mail.
Mail collection, management and forwarding to any location worldwide
We receive and hold your mail. You can pick up your mail from our office or we can ship it to any location in the world. We can also scan and email you a copy of your mail at no additional cost.

Rates start at just $59.99/month.


Dedicated and exclusive U.S. telephone number
You will receive your own telephone number from any city in United States.
Live receptionist (English/Spanish)
Professional and friendly receptionist will answer, screen and transfer calls in your company's name with personalized greetings. Receptionist will announce the person calling you before you accept their call.
Automatic call forwarding to any cell phone or land line in the world
We transfer calls wherever you are around the world (Follow-Me services).
Professional greeting in your company's name
Customized greeting recording that your callers hear when they call your number (e.g. "Thank you for calling XYZ company...press 1 for the sales department, press 2 for customer service...")
Unavailable Greeting
Customizable greeting when you're not available. Live receptionist will let callers know as well and will take messages.
Extended Absence Greeting
Customizable greeting if you're away for a long time. Live receptionist team available to let callers know also.
Call transfer to different extensions
You will be able to have calls re-routed to different departments (e.g. Sales, Customer Service) or extensions.
Voicemail to email
Voicemail messages are instantly sent to your email as audio files. Listen to your messages on your smart phone or computer.
International telephone numbers in over 4,000 cities worldwide
Expand your business and project a global image to your customers with international phone numbers.
Music On Hold
Caller will hear music when on hold or while waiting to connect.
Fax to email
We forward your faxes to your email as PDF files.
Notification of missed calls
We instantly send emails with your missed call details and message.
24 hours a day service
Virtual Receptionists work 365 days a year!

Virtual office services start at $59.99 a month! Register Now!